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November 16, 2017
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06/12/17 THE FALKIRK STADIUM - FALKIRK (L-R) St Mirren's Gavin Reilly, St Johnstone's Joe Shaughnessy, Falkirk's Mark Kerr, St Johnstone's Liam Craig, Laura Mitchell, Ayr United's Michael Rose, Queen of the South's John Rankin, and Dunfermline's Callum Morris at the Chris Mitchell Foundation Scholarship Programme launch.

The Chris Mitchell Foundation, PFA Scotland and the PFA are delighted to announce details of the Chris Mitchell Scholarship Programme.

The purpose of the Scholarship Programme, funded jointly by the three organisations, is to look after the players Wellbeing and Mental Health by providing courses to help them prepare for the transition from football to the workplace.

The courses provided by the Scholarship Programme are designed to ease any stress and anxiety by upskilling players through education and training.

The first part of the CMSP is a fully accredited IT Skills Course to give players the ability to competently use a computer and the Microsoft Office Suite – skills they will need for future employment be it in coaching, an office environment or setting up their own business.

Michelle Evans, who looks after PFA Scotland’s Wellbeing Programme, said: “As the player’s union, we are committed to supporting our members in any way we can, both and on and off the pitch, throughout their football career as well as preparing them for their next steps beyond it.

“It is no secret that a good number of players struggle when they come to the end of their careers and their mental health and wellbeing can suffer so a wide range of support at this stage is vital.

“As an extension to our Wellbeing Programme, we now have former player Michael Hart in place as Personal Development Officer. His focus is on helping and supporting players with their Career Exit Strategies to ease the pressure.

“The Chris Mitchell Scholarship Programme will be play a key role going forward and we are delighted to work with the Foundation and its Trustees on this project and also be able to honour Chris’s memory.”

Trustees of the Chris Mitchell Foundation and PFA Scotland will meet regularly to discuss how the Scholarship Programme will grow and develop each year as per the needs of the players.

Chris’s sister Laura Mitchell, one of the Trustees, said: “Chris Mitchell had a great career in professional football however, the change in his circumstances from playing full-time to part-time football and having to embark on a new career, led Chris to develop mental health issues, particularly depression and anxiety.

“Supporting life after football is a key objective of the Chris Mitchell Foundation, which exists to raise awareness around mental health and wellbeing for players, ex-players and staff working in the Scottish professional football industry.

“We are delighted to be working with PFA Scotland and the PFA to support more individuals move to positive destinations following the end of their football careers and ensure they feel support throughout this process.”

Players on the first course of the Programme include PFA Scotland Chairman John Rankin, St Johnstone duo Liam Craig and Joe Shaughnessy, Falkirk’s Mark Kerr and Ayr United’s Chris Higgins, who was a close friend of Chris Mitchell.

Other players also currently on the course are Gavin Reilly (St Mirren), Callum Morris (Dunfermline), Aaron Lennox (Raith Rovers) and Michael Rose (Ayr United).

A spokesperson for the PFA in England, where Chris was a member during his time at Bradford City, said: “Appropriate and focused education support around transition is vital for the general wellbeing of players and we are delighted with the provision the Chris Mitchell Foundation are providing through the Scholarship Programme. We are sure with the support from the PFA in Scotland that the project will go from strength to strength and make a big impact on those players that take part in the programme”

The Chris Mitchell Scholarship Programme will always be based at Falkirk Stadium, one of Chris’s former clubs.

For more information please contact Laura Mitchell on email

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